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Ruby X Bridge

Blue Ridge Retrievers is located in the beautiful mountains of Southwestern Virginia. I offer Labrador Retriever puppies from some of the best bloodlines in the country out of fully trained gun dogs. We strive to produce genetically clean dogs out of the best all around dogs out there. All sires and dams are screened for genetic disorders to insure a genetically sound puppy that will live a long healthy life with you and your family. This is of the upmost importance as well as producing a tractable dog that will excell in any situation.
I constantly stay informed on the top competition dogs currently running in Field Trials and Hunt Tests around the country as to offer the best pedigreed, best performing dogs available. In an effort to provide a quality, trainable retriever I study bloodlines, speak with stud dog owners on the qualities of their dogs, and use a vast number of resources to insure the absolute perfect stud dog for pairing with my females.
I produce 3 - 5 litters a year out of fully trained and frequently hunted over dams. 
I strive for Quality, not Quantity.
It's my personal goal to insure that you find the perfect dog for your situation be it competition, hunting or the family home.
This year I have some wonderful litters planned!
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Don't be afraid to ship your dog... I've got dogs in TX, GA, VA, IL, CT, NC, SC, OH, UT, OK, MO, MD, WA, SD, NC, CA, LA and many other places I can't think of right off! Please ask questions and let me allay any fears you might have about shipping your puppy...
We also offer midway 'delivery' to Northern VA and some points in North Carolina for a minimal fee. I realize we're 'off the map' for alot of people and will accommodate approved homes.



 I raise all pups in our home. They are whelped and raised in a central area of our home where they can receive constant attention. I DO NOT keep puppies in a kennel. They will stay in our home until they go home with you. All puppies are given special individual daily attention. By the time you pick up your puppy it will be a wonderfully socialized member of your family familiar with children, other dogs, the usual busy household. I introduce every puppy to crate training, feathers, birds, gunfire at a distance, and  water (weather permitting).
We only produce a litter or two a year here and every puppy is special to us. Please keep us updated on his or her progress as your time permits.
If, for any reason, you cannot keep your puppy or adult dog, that was whelped at Blue Ridge Retrievers, contact me FIRST. 
Prospective and current owners please see my guarantee page for details.
Please Note- Visitors are WELCOME to come visit with the puppies, the older dogs and with us. I'd like to ask that no children under the age of 12 come to see the puppies until they are over 5 weeks old. Please don't be offended if you come visit the litter(s) pre 3 weeks old and you are not permitted to hold the puppies.
Contact with all pups here is limited to myself and my husband until they pass the 3 week old mark.  This is for the peace of mind of the loving dam and for the safety of the puppies.
November 2004

Nichols Lady Cocoa







Blue Ridge Retriever's Puppy Brags!

"General Jackson of Blue Ridge" aka Jackson
Owned by Marilyn Corbin of Georgia

Hunter of Bent Mountain, JH

Josie - Star X Zeke Puppy
Owned by- Dino Aimino

Koko with her JH Ribbons!
Teak X Gunner Puppy - Deb & Richard Mengel's puppy

Winnie - Zeke X Star Litter
Owned by Cindy Lubine

Cooper and his Dock Jumping Ribbon!

"Boo" Cary X FC AFC Pin Oak's Texas Rex
Owned by Aaron Ward & Family of MD

Cabo and his JH title ribbon!
Way to go Val and Cabo!

Ruby and Tex JH Ribbons
Owned by Kimberly Nichols

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